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Operation Now 
                   HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Operation Now has a chapel at the TA Truck Stop in Mt. Vernon, IL where truckers or passers-by can stop in at 10:00 on Sunday morning for services.  Other services at the chapel are...
The slideout makes a great platform for ministry.
Seating area on platform
Seating area in front of platform for guests
2008 Tent revival in Mt. Vernon, IL .  "Freedom in Motion"

Lunch is prepared for after revival
Children are ministered to in a smaller tent
Operation NOW has worked closely with Joan Geason from St. Louis, MO with her Christmas give-aways for the past several years. We help supply food, toys, volunteers, and anything that is needed.

White County, IL....2010, 2011 at the White County Outreach...Operation NOW sent food, drinks, gifts, and organized many volunteers to help make the outreach a success.
Each month at Operation NOW headquarters, a local group meets and a meal is prepared for them with activities planned.
Operation NOW participates with two local churches during their festival give-aways, providing a food booth with free food.  Each of these festivals will bring in several thousand people.